Mohammad Atwi

Programmer, Security Reseacher.
Co-founder of Bugreader.

about me.

My name is Mohammad F. Atwi, a programmer and cyber security researcher from Lebanon. I'm the co-founder and full stack developer of Bugreader, the leading cyber security platform.
I found many security bugs in some of the largest companies and government agencies like Facebook, LinkedIn and (US department of health and human service).

"Mr. Mohammad Atwi has provided valuable assistance for the IT Department in the Central Administration in protecting their webservers from online hacking attacks.
Mr. Atwi submitted a good, straight to the point report, showing a good knowledge of network and systems security and ability to apply this knowledge in practical penetration tests."

—  Adnan Al-Sayed Hussein

The President of Lebanese University

my skills.

What I learn everyday.

Full Stack Web Development

Object Oriented PHP






Business Analyst

Quality Assurance

Graphic Design:)

work experience.

What I did, what I do.

Co-founder, Developer | Bugreader (Self-employed)

2019 - Present

Cyber Security Reseacher

2012 - Present

Full Stack Web Developer | Eduba

2019 - 2021

Full Stack Web Developer | Semicolon

2017 - 2021

Graphic Designer | Khamsat (Freelancer)

2011 - 2014


My academic path.

MBA in Management of Information Systems

Lebanese International University (2018 - 2020)

Bachelor in Management of Information Systems

Lebanese International University (2015 - 2018)


My recent work.

Bugreader Platform

The first of kind cyber security platform. Our users are the top cyber security reseachers in the world like Jane Manchun Wong, Max Pasqua, Laxman Muthiyah, Jafar Abo Nada, Sarmad Hassan and others.

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A cyber security services platform. For now, we offer "Data Leak Check" tool for free. You can use this tool to know if your email, phone number, password, or any other information appears in any data leak by searching +10 Terabytes of leaked data; +350 Billion Records from +700K Leaked Collections in seconds.
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QRLJacking attack vector first implementation in JavaScript. Using a web browser only, this tool will copy the login QR code from your browser and send it to your own server so you can display it in a phishing page (~ real time). The QR code login method is supported by many apps including WhatsApp and Telegram, this tool will allow you to hack into victims accounts in no time.
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Eduba System

Advanced educational instuations management system with tons of features and thousends of users. Eduba is one of the most advanced multi-platform systems in MENA.
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Corder Screen Recorder

Free unlimited browser-based video screen recorder. You can record your screen (broser and even other opened programs) without installing any software, just using your desktop browser! Also video recording with microphone audio is supported. (This tool works only on PC, mobile version is coming soon).
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Simple anti-csrf attack plugin for web developers.
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Simple JS plugin to create images from HTML using Canvas.
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Simple JS plugin for double click text editing.
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